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Day 25

Waking weight: 266.4
BMI: 39.4

Well, it turns out the Chinese food didn’t set me back quite as far as I thought it would. I’m already back to where I was before I ate it. I knew sodium was a factor, but I didn’t realize it was that much of one. When you’re on a low-carb diet, if you break it by eating a lot of carbs, like the rice, your body stores as much as it can as fat in preparation.

But obviously it didn’t kill it that bad.

I’m pleased with the exercising I did today; I restarted the 100 pushups program on Monday and I started a program to get me up to 200 crunches as well; today was the second day. I did 16 granny pushups and 26 crunches.  I also rode my recumbent bike for 7.77 miles in thirty minutes. It was a good day for me! I feel pumped stool from the adrenaline!

I’m thinking about getting a heart rate monitor to keep track not just of my heart rate but also the calories I burn. They’re about fifty dollars, so it’ll need to wait a couple weeks, but it’ll be really useful when I start doing Insanity again. I had great success with it last time, and I’m looking to repeat it.

Beachbody gets some flack from people who exercise a lot already, but they have great programs for beginners and people who don’t have time to go to a gym. I’m going to do Insanity,  P90X, then body beast. I’ll be fit as a fiddle this time next year!


Day 23


Waking weight: 271.2
BMI: 40.05

Ladies and gentleman, what you see above is the results of cheating. Last night I had some Chinese, and by “some Chinese”, I mean I ate way too much. The chicken itself probably want to bad, but all the rice certainly was. The crab Rangoon probably didn’t help either. I gained six pounds from yesterday.  I had hit 265.2 yesterday morning, and decided to celebrate going three weeks without cheating. That’ll get you in trouble. I forgot how much it did, though. It’s probably going to take me a week just to correct this mistake.

What’s even worse, it’s that I knew even as I was doing it that it was a bad idea but I still did it anyway. It’s a pretty rotten feeling, and I can’t say I’m enjoying it.

I’m gonna hafta double up on my cardio, and push myself harder on my exercises. Building muscle helps you to burn fat too, because muscles require more energy. Build up enough muscle and you can burn more calories throughout the day.

Time to go HAM, as the kiddies say. I’ve restarted the 100 pushups program, and I started doing a 200 situps program too. My abs are probably going to hate me tomorrow, but they’ll get over it. I’ve got to keep it up.

I’ll post some pictures tonight, but don’t expect much. I still feel bloated from the Chinese food from last night.


Day 23 front relaxed


Day 23 front tensed


Day 23 profile relaxed


Day 23 profile tensed

Tune in next time, same Fat-Time, same Fat-Channel!

Day 18

Waking weight: 268.4
BMI: 39.65

The barbecue is delicious. And it’s low-carb. I just wish I hasn’t hit this plateau already. It’s very discouraging. I’m going to still keep it up, but this needs to tip. Once it does it’ll be okay, but until then I’m just treading water.

Day 16

Waking weight: 267
BMI: 39.43

The pulled pork turned out pretty good, as did the sauce. The only problem I ran into was that the sauce recipe I had didn’t produce enough for the whole batch. I’m making a half-size second thing of sauce to mix on with it.

I was a little concerned about whether or not the butt I bought would fit into my crock pot, but it did. Tight fit, but it made it in. I was also a mite concerned about the sauce, because it had a real strong, acidic taste — probably from the mustard and vinegar — but it complements the rich savoriness of the pork perfectly. I may tweak the recipe just a tad, using a bit less sweetener and using Worcestershire sauce instead of soy sauce. We’ll see. For the most part it was awesome though!

Pulling the pork apart is a bit time consuming, though. I’m glad I don’t do that every day for my job, although I guess that at barbecue places they leave things in the smoker and pull it out as it’s needed. It’s worth it though, because the end product is nothing short of delicious!

Tomorrow I’m going to Zaxby’s with the missus, and I’m gonna get some hot wings. Not suite what kind of sauce to get though. Probably just stick to what I know works, the tongue torch sauce.  It’s a step above the mild sauce in heat factor. I usually get mild at most places because I don’t do spicy stuff, but I also don’t like ordering my food with “wimpy” sauce. Not my thing. That’s some good marketing right there.

Anyway, I don’t have to much else to say. I’m doing pretty good as far as most cravings go. The only thing I had a real problem with was Sunday night at work. I was supervising the new hires during their last week of training, and at the end of the week we hold a “graduation”ceremony that has cake. it has now been over two weeks since I’ve had any type of sugary food, so I was very tempted by the cake. I usually don’t like store bought cakes, what with their flavorless icing and dryness. However, largely due to my lack of sugar, this Winn Dixie cake smelled beret than any other cake has smelled in all history. I should get the Medal of Honor for not giving in. That’s a dadgum crowning achievement right there!

Anyway, I’ve got to go check on the half batch of sauce. Tuner in next time, same Fat-Time! Same Fat-Channel!

Day 15


Waking weight: 266.2
BMI: 39.31

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted last. My schedule’s just been too crazy for me to post. They blocked WordPress for some reason at work, saying it is a “sexual education” site so I can’t post from work. When I’m on my breaks I only have enough time to eat so there’s no time then, and by the time I get off and get home it’s after 2 AM. So that’s too late.

Luckily my schedule change had gone into effect, so I’ll be getting hinge around 10 or 10:30 most nights. That’s going to give me enough time to write when I get home.

The low-carb pizza was great!I ended up having to make another one about half way through the week, because it was good enough that my wife, who doesn’t normally eat pizza as much as me, actually enjoyed some of it too. But, it’s to hard to make it. It took me over an hour just to get the crusty done, then you have to still put it together…all in all it takes about two hours to make that one pizza.

This week I’m making some pulled pork. I’m actually making it right now. There’s an 8 lb Boston Butt cooking in my crock pot that’s going to be cooking all night. It’s seasoned with a McCormack grill mates sweet and smoky rub. Gonna be good. I’ve also got a low-carb Carolina-style sauce that I’m cooking. In case you didn’t know, Carolina-style it’s mustard based. This one oughta be pretty good.

Up until a year ago I’d never had anything other than a tomato based sauce, except possibly one that was molasses based. Then, last year at the Road America (my work place) company picnic, the food that was catered in was barbecue with a mustard sauce. And it was awesome. Now I’ve got a low-carb recipe for one and I can’t wait to taste it!

I didn’t really lose much eight from last week to this week, but I think that’s in part because I want exercising so there want as much energy expenditure. I also think I was eating right around the same number of calories as I was burning during my regular day. It just kinda bounced around. I’m exercising agitation this week, so there should be some progress made.

Even though the weight didn’t change that much, I lost another inch off my waist, and a quarter inch off my hips. My body fat percentage dropped by a full percentage point. Gonna have to make sure I exercise to keep myself in shape. Gonna add crunches into my daily routine.

Anyway, time for pictures:


Front relaxed day 15


Front tensed day 15


Profile relaxed day 15


Profile tensed day 15

Day 9

Waking weight: 268.0

BMI: 39.58

So today marks 15 pounds lost.  That sounds pretty bad-ass to me…

The pizza is going quicker than i expected.  I’m almost out of it, because it’s so good.  It’s going to be harder for me to keep this than i expected.  I’m gonnna have to make another one, simply because there’s not really much else for me to eat this week.  I was banking pretty hard on it.  Luckily, I’ll be going back to work tomorrow.  That makes it easier to control how much I eat, just because I have limited time.

We’ll see how it goes.

Tune in next time, same Fat-Time, same Fat-Channel!

Day 8

Waking weight: 270.0
BMI: 39.87

Today was alright. Bad exercise wise, but good food wise. I had a migraine today that didn’t subside until late afternoon, and I had too many chores to get done to be able to exercise. I also had to make my food for the week, because the meatloaf is gone.

After a week of this diet, I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds! I hope you’re as excited so am, because that means I’m 10% closer to my goal! On low-carb, you naturally lose a lot of weight at first so that’s to be expected. However, experience has taught me that as long as I keep it up it well continue.

My body fat % has dropped to 41.82%, and my waist has drooped by almost an inch. My hip measurement appears to have dropped by three inches, but I think that’s due to bad measuring last week. I checked my self twice today to make sure, and it was correct. I’m going to start measuring twice each time just to make sure. Inaccurate data is useless data.

I’ve also taken some pictures again this week. I haven’t done a comparison, but I’m pretty sure there’s been no drastic change in the look yet, except for my tan. I have a trucker tan, where my left arm is dark while the rest of my body is fishbelly pale. That’s the curse of my Scotch-Irish ancestry. Supposedly there’s some Apache Indian in there too, but it’s mostly pale, almost transparent Celtic blood. The trucker tan is like the farmer tan, but it’s only the left arm. Cuz you drive with the right arm and hang the left out the window.

Haven’t been able to update my spreadsheets in a couple days, but I’m planning on doing that tomorrow. I’ve got to supervise the treating of some new hires this week, So my schedule will bee in the evening time, but then I’m moving to a noon to 8:30 shift. I can’t wait to get that started.

Anyway, pictures!


Front relaxed day 8


Front tensed day 8


Profile relaxed day 8


Profile tensed day 8

Please note: I am taking care to make sure I am standing in the same position, in the same place every week. That way I’ll be the same distance from the mirror and camera each time, and bee the sane size. The angle can be adjusted after the fact. When I’m done with this I’ll put it together in a slideshow out something so people will be able to see me melt away.

Tune in next time, same Fat-Time! Same Fat-Channel!